Milo (ManXBoy, Werewolf)(Book 3) COMPLETED

Milo (ManXBoy, Werewolf)(Book 3) COMPLETED

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Anissa By Anissa_Eylene555 Completed

**WARNING** **This book may be triggering and may not be suitable for some! This book has abuse, rape, and self-harm! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!**
Milo White is an Omega in the Black-Shadow pack. He spends his time being abused and raped by his older brother Zachary White who blames Milo for the death of their parents. Milo has never shifted before but he can feel his wolf inside of him. When Blaiz Paris comes into their pack it will be up to him to help Milo shift and try to help Milo overcome all the abuse he was put through since he was a child. 

Can Blaiz help Milo? Does Milo want help? Will Milo be able to overcome his fear of being touched, even if it's his true mate doing the touching now? 

Can Blaiz keep Milo safe in a world that only seems to want to hurt him?

--This is part of a series--
**The NAME Series**
Book 1: Beowulf (BoyXBoy)
Book 2: Sebastian (BoyXBoy)
Book 3: Milo (ManXBoy)
Book 4: Abram (ManXMan) 
Book 5: Jonah (ManXMan)
Book 6: Oliver (ManXMan)
Book 7: Niles (ManXMan) (In Progress)

**This is NOT a malepreg story, guys. :) I've been asked before, and asked if I can turn it into one, but The NAME Series will most likely NOT have malepreg in it. Sorry.**

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bryluenlush bryluenlush Jul 26
My baby sister's name is Melissa Allene. We call her Alyssa Meline. Your name always makes me think of her.
I'm reading the books in order...I'm finding the reference of other guys in the past series, understanding completely making dudes, start from the beginning, """""a very good place to start"""""LOL