Titan Slaying Magic | An ErenXLucy Crossover (AoT+FT)

Titan Slaying Magic | An ErenXLucy Crossover (AoT+FT)

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Once upon a time, there was a forgotten mage in Fairy Tail, named Lucy Heartfilia. Everyone else in her fellow guild had the impression of the Celestial Wizard as a weakling. Since her magic is to summon spirits that help her in times of battle, the guild thought she isn't doing anything in the background, but hiding behind her spirits, watching the fight as it rambles on.

What they don't know, though, is that she wields another magic that is given to her from a mysterious man by the name of Dr. Jeager, as he sends her behind the walls, in high hopes of Lucy saving his home world. That magic, never heard of before, is called...

Titan Slaying Magic.

(A crossover between Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan)

(Ship: Eren X Lucy)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything at all related to Fairy Tail or Attack on Titan, but Hiro Mashima and Hajime Isayama do. I only own the magic, the OCs, the plot of the fanfiction, and that's it. (>^.^)>

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Mari_Cherie Mari_Cherie Jul 14
Just nods in understanding. 
At this point I am holding in my inner fangirl because I really want to fangirl but can't because my father is sleeping
The moment you realise this story uses roman numerals for indicating what page your on. I like it!
Mari_Cherie Mari_Cherie Jul 14
Pure flubbing kidding me...  Lucy was there long before you Lisanna hun
Yah the person who's been sitting a few yatds away from you this whole time did it Natsu
My question about the AOT fandom (that I’m in) still stands. How the hell did they build them huge ass walls while humanity was getting eaten?