Just Disappear

Just Disappear

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Everyone hates me. They kick me, punch me, and make me bleed. What did I do to deserve this? I just wanted to live a normal life. Is that too much to ask for?

Alec has a small amount of friends but they care for him with all their heart. They know how weak and fragile the boy can be. At only 12 he is starting highschool, since he skipped some grades. He gets bullied for being small.

"Why dont you just disappear?" 

His crush cruelly said that as he beat the life out of him.  So he did as he was told.

He disappeared, but not the way everyone thinks. He didnt run away. He didnt die. He was taken. 

And now hes back.

elmalian elmalian 14 hours ago
Same i got my ears pierced when i was 5, i think i started wearinh ear piercing when i was very young