Cheater, Cheater | ongoing

Cheater, Cheater | ongoing

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simmy By simonexsays Updated Nov 27, 2016

❝I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.❞    
❝Well then, you've come to the right girl.❞ 

Paige has always had a certain way with guys, and more often than not, they're falling at her feet. It's a great and terrible power, but it sure does come in handy, especially when it means she can help other girls. Using her good looks, charm, and deductive skills, Paige provides a much needed service at Adams Academy: to find out whether or not her classmates' boyfriends are cheating on them. 

But when she discovers that Ryder Norcross is indeed cheating on his girlfriend -- who just so happens to be Paige's best friend -- she suddenly finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

And that hard place may just be Ryder's abs.

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talia38188 talia38188 3 days ago
Literally me! I should probably bit that somewhere in my book😅😂
incognitothot incognitothot Sep 12, 2016
Bitch my legendary QUEEN Mariah Carey I love her so much im so glad you included her in this. I love you for this lmao ♡
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv 4 days ago
So do the guys just not know that she's testing them or are they stupid an repeatedly fall for her anyways?
TiffanyZhou892 TiffanyZhou892 8 hours ago
I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that he is a Wattpad model
talia38188 talia38188 3 days ago
This is just a gorgeous photo of a queen slaying the camera👌😍
MariaPupluv MariaPupluv 4 days ago
0.0 the intro is the cutest thing ever aww~!
                              I'm already in love with this book >~<