Why not? Destiel & Sam/Jess (high school AU)

Why not? Destiel & Sam/Jess (high school AU)

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Dean and Sam Winchester are forced to go back to their old home back in Lawrence, Kansas on a case. 

It's the same every time. 

They move, go to a new school, finish the case, then move again. 

Dean sees pretty faces come and go, but he's gotten used to it. 

But this time is different. There's one face he knows he won't forget. He goes by the name Castiel.


Fan art is not mine. I did not make up the characters, some of the characters are mine. But the story is mine and the plot is mine.

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*the Jonas brothers* 
                              *nick and Kevin take the ends of a table and turn it around*
                              *joe comes in and stands behind the table*
                              *they all cross their arms and stare at the camera*
                              Oh how the tables have turned.
                              *awkward silence*
I didn't sign up for this. *takes off trenchcoat and twelve flannels* nope. *walks out* not today *comes back for trenchcoat and flannels* *picks up fan fiction again.
DAdS oN a huNtINg tRip aNd hE haSenT beEn HOmE In A FeW dAys
carry_on_king_of_hel carry_on_king_of_hel Nov 19, 2016
Ok so their hunters and azazel and Crowley are just regular high school jocks and what azazel murdered Mary ???? (I don't mean to sound rude I'm just wondering)
Jfc, when I transferred schools, I was just shown to my classes in 5 minutes and then BLAM,  I was in class the first day, school didn't even start yet.  God damn.
Masterofseaunicorns Masterofseaunicorns Sep 22, 2016
It's fine. Seems good so far
                              IF ONE OF THEM DIE
                              IM COMING AFTER YOU