Daughter of the Dark Knight (Bat family  and Young Justice fan fiction)

Daughter of the Dark Knight (Bat family and Young Justice fan fiction)

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A Writer in the Making By K_Writer_ Completed

Before there was Robin before there  Nightwing  there was Batgirl.

No not Barbara  Gordon ,Aria Wayne.

abandoned  at Bruce ' s doorstep as a newborn Bruce took in the girl and later finds out this is his daughter from a old romance.

After years  of training  she dawns the identity  of Batgirl  and assists The Dark  Knight  in his fight against  the Gotham Rouges.

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rubyroserwby123 rubyroserwby123 Dec 18, 2017
why you didn't kill him when you had the chance dude Batman I'm looking at you
AsgardianPumpkinBean AsgardianPumpkinBean May 26, 2017
Dnag, Batsy! You hit it off with someone?! Guess we learn something new everyday huh
Batz: Like this *Bat glares at nothing*
                              Aria: *Bat glares at nothing*
                              Alfred: They grow up so fast 😭
pymbette pymbette Aug 01, 2017
Alfred always so chill I wanna know his secret man. -3- some british koosh??
AmericanIdiot106 AmericanIdiot106 Aug 28, 2017
Road, sorry if you think I was making fun of you. I wasn't. I was just trying to help you out!
Zunzar Zunzar Jan 05
Alright Darlin, Training starts Monday, start learning the bat glare.