Hell |✔

Hell |✔

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||First draft||

    (Book One of the The DEATH series) 
  Running...that's what she was doing. Known to always do. 

 She wasn't strong. Ha, far from it. But she was fast at picking pace and getting far away from hell. And it wasn't much different than what she was doing now.

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Fr tho. Or the spelling is wierd as shît. Name be spelled: Workfaplsnckfkslqlqb and it's pronounced Caroline or the name is something like Sharquishanatoinette tf
Lolita1902 Lolita1902 Aug 23
Love this story!!!💖💖💖💖💖 super awesome👍🤗🤗
Xtella456 Xtella456 Sep 16
Ahhahahha lmao, i thought she was running away from school. (AKA hell)
iamteet iamteet Sep 29
You are aware that the name Armani is an italian surname which means "Son of Ermanno" which translates to Herman which then translates to army man?? You knew that, right?? And Rowan means tree?
Haha omg. My mom named me from a name she heard in sesame street
samandalee samandalee Aug 23
hahahahahaha she is so cute...but curious why she's behaved like that