Avengers preferences

Avengers preferences

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Prefernces include: 

*Tony Stark 
*Steve Rogers 
*Natasha Romanoff 
*Bucky Barnes 
*Wanda Maximoff 
*Pietro Maximoff 
*loki Laufeyson
*Thor Odinson
*Bruce Banner 
*Clint Barton 
*Peter Parker 
If you want any other Marvel characters adding in comment :)

Started 22/8/16

Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Mar 26
I see what you did here! And I highly approve! ;) *takes imaginary hat off*
Yavanna80 Yavanna80 Mar 26
Just constructive criticism and positive feedback. 
                              Capital letters and it would be better if you separated the dialogues so we can differentiate who's saying what...
                              As I said, no hate intended. Just helpful advice!
ivy_ela ivy_ela 4 days ago
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