The Little Water Mage {Gruvia}

The Little Water Mage {Gruvia}

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{Book 1 of my Fairy Tail Fairy Tales!}

Juvia has finally decided to confess to her Gray-sama. Of course, everybody that has come in contact with the Water Mage knows that she loves Gray more than sunlight itself.
But this confession would be different, she would explain why she loved him. Then maybe he would finally understand.

However, that plan was completely interrupted when innocent Levy's translating skills accidentally send Juvia and her beloved Gray-sama into the book itself, putting them under it's spell and forcing them to go through what was once one of the Water Mage's favorite childhood stories. 

Now with nothing left but each other, how will the two come to terms with the spell's rules and return home safely?

{NOT an AU}

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or it's characters, nor the story 'The Little Mermaid'.

I love the use of Greek, but in the Greek bit it says ' as find', not 'as you'll find'
tvoltz tvoltz Jul 29
@gezusgeek Is this based off the original story where each step is agony?
Lol I'm just picturing Juvia as Ariel when she's hum can but in a LOT of pain
I can read this and thats surpising im bad at lerning greek and latin