Heart Breaker   {Corick}

Heart Breaker {Corick}

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Blue_and_Demon By Blue_and_Demon Updated Dec 07, 2016

"I'm cursed, and I'm dying on the inside"

Nick is cursed.
He won't be able to find love in his life, ever. Nobody would please him and he will be alone forever.

His heart is made out of ice.

But that doesn't stop him from living life to the fullest. He likes it, to be honest, everyone calls him 'Heartbreaker', and everyone knows him by that name. But the curse is killing him from inside, because the ice is spreading to the rest of his body. He had only a year to live...

But then, a new boy showed up, can he make his ice heart melt?

SapphireRuby123 SapphireRuby123 Dec 28, 2016
Wait why is Uni a cat? Is this a reference I'm not getting or something
Kawaii_GamerGirl Kawaii_GamerGirl Sep 05, 2016
UNI IS A CAT!!  ERMAHGAWD CAT UNI!!! I NEED TO DRAW THIS YASS CAT UNI!! KAWAII NEKO UNI!! HE'LL BE SO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! And I'll um- maybe draw the others too....I wouldn't forget about them *Awkward laughter*
I personally voted for the Redney book, but this is still really good and I ship it so much
Topeaa Topeaa Nov 01, 2016
Undertale Cory:. . . a slow and painful death? Oh I get it! So letting them live.. . . . . I don't like that method. . . . KILL 
                               THEM ALL!
                              Undertale Shelby: NOOOOOOO
0n1y_0n3_Writ3r 0n1y_0n3_Writ3r Sep 05, 2016
Jesse(my YuGiOh OC): Don't you DARE say that about my kind! We are sensitive and don't like the things you vile wretched people do to us! Why do you think we are in hiding?!