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RWBY x Male! Sniper! Reader

RWBY x Male! Sniper! Reader

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DarkPrince By darkprince171 Updated Dec 08, 2016

The academy of Atlas has a special task force codenamed "Team Shadow" and just like their name they work in secret, they gather information and destroy terrorist organizations under the command of General IronWood. Their next mission? To travel to Vale and put an end to the White Fang attacks.

aj_fanfic aj_fanfic Sep 19, 2016
Honestly for a sniper they would use a more quick weapon than a revolver or a desert eagle like a g-18 for more quick engagements or if not a pistol like maybe a classic m1911 but not really heavy and slow shooters like a deagle but revolver 50/50 depending on the variant
Estavel Estavel Dec 02, 2016
...Silah (For those who don't know lot about skyrim, it translates to 'soul hunter'...
rwby66578 rwby66578 Nov 29, 2016
If a battle droid was talking to another with the name roger, would it be roger roger, or roger roger roger?
RedBanshee RedBanshee Jan 01
Volpe, from Italian-- means "fox".
                              Aetos, from Greek-- means "eagle"
                              Okami, from Japanese-- means "wolf".
                              It's one of these three.
RWBY_King_Midas RWBY_King_Midas Dec 28, 2016
This sounds like me when I took a pic of me after boot camp( the knifes were simpler there to up my badassery.).
GlitchWhiz GlitchWhiz Dec 11, 2016
                              If you know what its is please reply
                              I'm not a perv I saw it on a YouTube video by Vanoss