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Naruto Individual Crack Ships Roleplay

Naruto Individual Crack Ships Roleplay

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Water Princess Juvia By SourBubblePop Updated Dec 03, 2016


TheYoukia TheYoukia Aug 30, 2016
Name: Rin Soveri
                              Age: 16
                              Village: leaf 
                              Gender: female 
                              Looks: black hair with, hazel brown eyes, and wears black ninja pants with brown shirt and red square on back with line in it 
                              Personality: hothead, calm
                              Crush: Naruto 
                              Enemies: none 
                              Crack ship: Saskue x Madara
volleyball_trash_2 volleyball_trash_2 Aug 31, 2016
My form is in my rp book, the Genderbent me. I'll add some information though
                              Village: Leaf
                              Crush: Gaara 
                              Enemies: anybody that hurts his friends
                              Friends: too many to list
                              Crack ship: Itachi x Deidara
koharu_kuzami_ koharu_kuzami_ Sep 25, 2016
Name:Rite Puder Kuzami
                              Village:Hidden Leaf
-_Crossfire_- -_Crossfire_- Sep 04, 2016
                              Can I use that character? 
                              his crush is Itachi & Anko or Sakura
                              Cracke ship Orochimaru x Itachi or Anko
Twilight_justice Twilight_justice Aug 26, 2016
Name: Hoshimi Ryunji 
                              Age: 26 
                              Gender: Female 
                              Looks: she wears a hood but she has sapphire eye and her hair is red brown 
                              Personality: Clam , Clever , Serous , Loyal , Shy sometimes , Brave , Friendly , Kind
                              Crush: Kakashi 
                              Enemies: None
                              Crack Ship: Naruto x Hinata , Naruto's parents , Obito x Rin
RexKingofDragons26 RexKingofDragons26 Aug 26, 2016
Name: Rex Jackson 
                              Age: 20
                              Gender: Male
                              Village: Leaf
                              Looks: Profile pic 
                              Personality: Calm,Nice,Sweet,Gentle,Serious,Short Tempered
                              Crush: Open
                              Enemies: None
                              Crack Ship: Naruto X Sakura