Texting Theo Raeken

Texting Theo Raeken

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⊙ω⊙ By sassypenguin19 Updated Jun 10

Thanks to @Stilinskiisbae23 for creating the cover. 

This is so cringy don't read it! Don't you press that read button! 

Anyways if you do decide to read my awful book here's the summary: A girl named Gabi, accidently texts a hot werewolf and things escalate pretty quickly. 

(Unedited so sorry if there is spelling mistakes)

Shoot...Why is he soo sexy !??? ugh i have too many crushes already ;'(( xDD
I mean I love her, but she looks so done in this one 🤷🏼‍♀️❤️
Lol thank you I'm the author, but my friend has kept hacking onto my Wattpad account and is trolling me. But thank you for the support and sticking up for me xxx
Gaffers98 Gaffers98 May 02
Dude, just because some of the story seems a bit weird, doesn't mean the author sucks! At least they're trying!💁🏻
Gurl you've only known this girl for 5 minutes and your sending hearts???
malvina03 malvina03 Jan 22
Hello Athena 
                              I love how Athena does anything she wants to him