I'm Sorry, I Swear || Wilford Warfstache X Teen!Audrey

I'm Sorry, I Swear || Wilford Warfstache X Teen!Audrey

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[May Contain Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Other Topics That Can Happen in Bullying] 

Crash! Bang! 
That's all I heard from my parents room. I hide, but he still finds me. He takes me away to his home far away from mine. He seems nice enough to live with, some of his brothers are nice. But the stories I've heard of Wilford...it doesn't make me safe in this house. 

Hehehehehe! Sorry if you were hoping for the XReader because I said that on the post, but this'll be much easier. Soooooo, you can just changed the name when you read. But Audrey is my biscuit (and Dark's, according to Sam) and I think she'd have a good time with them.... right?

My god... so many emotions are raging around in my stomach right now, it's not even funny.
I've never been able to read 'doing' in all caps. It comes out as a sound like 'dowing'