Distance With Love

Distance With Love

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Gladz Francisco By Laurmanisbaby Updated Oct 12, 2016

Lauren's POV

"Lauren, come on just try to make Facebook, like you will be fun. Plus you gonna meet a lot of people from the other countries! Pretty please!" Camila pleaded with her puppy eyes with her pouty thing that I can't resist for.

Camila is my bestfriend since third grade and I love her dearly as a sister and I know she loves me too dearly.. We're like sisters from the other parents.

"Hello! Earth to Lauren" Camila snap her fingers in front of my face

"Sorry, I was just zoned out a little" Lauren said 

"So you'll gonna make Facebook now?" Camila asked with a grin 

"Yeah, yeah whatever.. What can I do? My beautiful best friend want me to have Facebook which I don't need to" Lauren said rolling her eyes

"YES! Finally... I love you Lolo" Camila said while hugging Lauren so tight 

"Yeah, I know camz and you know that I love you too." I said while hugging her back.

"Okay so ready to make Facebook?" Camila asked raising her brows

"I guess, I had nothing to do with it." I sai...

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