Evading The Billionaire

Evading The Billionaire

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I sighed and finally relented. I knew. I knew it was a mistake, but I had no choice.
Amanda Lawson always wanted to be a famous model, and after all the hardwork it looked as if her dream was about to come true. She was smart, caring, but had a temper that made her a force to be reckoned with.

But, Amanda's life takes a sudden, unexpected turn, which leaves her confuse and angry. 

Trent Benson is a notorious billionaire, who is famous for his nickname The Mind Reader. Not only is he powerful, he knows how to crush his opponents and leave them begging for mercy.

When Amanda and Trent come fact to face, Amanda's patience is tested in ways she never thought possible.

Amanda is stubborn, but Trent is clever. And when Trent wants something, nothing can get in his way.

Will Amanda fight, or will she surrender to Trent? 

Warning: mature content!

I addicted to your books omg, I can't wait to start this one
Adhurs1234 Adhurs1234 May 23
Uh......no....Sry but I don't like it
                              I LOVE IT!!! 
                              Your books are amazing!!
juliaraine_ juliaraine_ Jun 19
not really. i just keep denying it until they give up. and i don't ever blush.
carolwonder carolwonder Jul 24
I would have ignored him rightaway... I would not even have the pacience to talk back to him
carolwonder carolwonder Jul 24
Okay. Go away girl... I would have been soo angry because of that stupid Trent that I would have told her that... or something similar
I thoughy Hailey was married and is a twin mom-to-be already🤔🤔