That Gamer Love

That Gamer Love

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Over time of recording with Cory (newscapepro) and making his Undertale videos with him, Shelby (shubble) slowly realizes she's beginning to have feelings for Cory.
Shelby is quick to hide her feelings for the sake of her viewers and Cory himself, but he starts to notice something is up with her.
How will she solve this dilemma?

NOTE: This story will be told in Shubble's (Shelby) POV unless said otherwise.

cory x shelby
newscapepro x shubble
cory x frisk

kjellester kjellester Oct 31
editing tips?
                              editing tips.
                              maybe editing tips will be our always.
XD FAKE STREET I wish that was an actual thing called Fake Street in real life to make people confused
I'm fine with whatever as long as it's #CORBY!! Serious there needs to be as many NewScapePro as Aphmau , I look up 1 thing and there's like 5 Aphmau things
GemHope GemHope Sep 13
Don't worry I am WAY worse at uploading my book than you! XD