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A Bond Like No Other

A Bond Like No Other

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BlueOrbit By BlueOrbit Updated Nov 01, 2016

It has been six years since Ash got his first Pokemon Pikachu and It has been one year since Ash arrived in Kalos and met his friends, Clemont, Bonnie and Serena. Ash had just lost the Kalos League against Alain when the incident in Lumiose City had occurred and During this incident Serena saved Ash from the evil grip of Team Flare. This story first starts off one day after these events and Ash has just realised he has feelings towards Serena but with his journey in Kalos coming to an end what will he do?

tfreitag tfreitag Aug 27, 2016
This is a great book so far!!
                              You're doing great on you're first fanfic 
                              Keep up the amazing work!!! 😀
Sebastian1_ Sebastian1_ Aug 24, 2016
Blue this was amazing the connection with ash and serena😩 love it and that beginning 👌 can't wait for more and so proud of you 😁😆😊
Ditto_MeisterCG Ditto_MeisterCG Aug 25, 2016
For your first fanfic, you're starting off well! You have the perfect amount of detail when starting out, grammar is flawless. Honestly, I don't see any faults! Though the only thing I can tell you, try to make a custom cover for your fanfic! Other than that, everything is great!
JojoCorp JojoCorp Oct 04, 2016
Wow!!! This chapter was amazing! I loved all the funny parts and the rest was perfectly written! Can't wait to read more!
Omg im almost in tears great job blue its me satoshixserena from tweeter and i love it and im happy😀😀😀
lilybear456 lilybear456 Aug 24, 2016
OMG THIS FANFICTION WAS SO ADORABLE. I DIED FROM THE CUTENESS. Also, there is nothing wrong with your writing style! I cannot even write as good as you and I'm in 7th grade(and that is why I always get C's in ELA)!