Gay Populars

Gay Populars

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✌️Jay✌ By FanficFandom1 Updated Dec 22, 2016

In a high school, where being gay is what makes the Populars, popular.

Sonic and Shadow are the most popular and baddest in school. Each have their own group of friends where they rival against each other. They are both big flirts to every boy, including each other and yet, they can never see themselves together. 

Their parents are best friends, making them together almost everyday. Having to deal with each other, and make sure each other stay safe doesn't help their situation either. But even so, they make sure every chance they get, they will taunt each other, tease, and rival.

But what if they gain feelings for each other after their taunting and teasing for each other becomes more than just that? 

Even with all that, girls still try to turn them straight. Some girls just want to use them to get to the top. 

Follow their journey in high school as they start out as rivals, go to friends, then become something more.

(Warning! Sonadow, Mature Content, Homosexual, Cursing!)

It's almost a rule in every universe that Sonic likes/loves chili dogs. 😸