You noticed me... (Phan) //COMPLETED//

You noticed me... (Phan) //COMPLETED//

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A highschool story of a boy named Dan Howell who falls in love with the new kid, Phil Lester. Dan and Phil become best friends, but Dan doesn't dare to tell Phil about his feelings.

A/N: I'm not gonna explain too much of what's about to happen. Just read the story and you'll find out.
Enjoy! :D
Ps: please check out my other story 'The sketchbook'! It's about Dan seeing things and drawing those things in his sketchbook. Then everything he has drawn appears in real life when he has shown his sketchbook to Phil. Read the summary for more info about the storyline!

*Trigger warning: there are suicidal thoughts in this story*

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emilywantsdeath emilywantsdeath Jun 10, 2017
You sure you didn't think about it in the shower ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
emilywantsdeath emilywantsdeath Jun 11, 2017
Hm this can be taken two ways
                              1) he respects what makes you happy
                              2) he doesn't wanna hear you talk and is happy that you shut up.
asear01 asear01 Sep 19, 2016
Are you going to continue with this story,its really good 😊
comfycaro comfycaro Oct 09, 2016
I'm just imagining Dan running like the way he did in the seven second challenge video
rose_rousseau_ rose_rousseau_ Sep 24, 2016
Okay, I really like this so far, but I need to know, will there be any cheating or self harm and whatnot in this story? If you could message me or something that'd be great😊😊