Ride or Die - Septiplier

Ride or Die - Septiplier

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Mark finished college not to long ago, majoring in psychiatry. 

He looked into different psychiatric wards across the country to find a job but he didn't have to look far because a very interesting wars was located right near his home in Gotham. That's when he stumbled upon Arkham Asylum. 

This story won't contain physical abuse, it's more mental. If you're not okay with that, read at your own expense. 

Fan art credit to creator (found this on Instagram)

Characters based off of DC Comics

does that mean im crazy? does that mean my friend is crazy?! OH GOD
kait_neko kait_neko Mar 17
Harley Quinn the joker people  fangirling on both ships ahhhh
Welcome to the club, Dr. Fischbach.
                              Have a seat in that empty chair there, reed Rider or Die by Jimgi_D, and watch your pants swiftly make their get away.
Marziaplier Marziaplier Mar 12
Where is my prescription? Doctor, Doctor please listen! my brain is scattered you be Alice i'll be the Mad Hatter!
deleted5558 deleted5558 Jan 24
Jack has green hair
                              The joker has green hair 
                              Jacks fake name starts w a j 
                              The joker starts w a j 
                              Jacks kinda insane 
                              The joker is insane 
                              I think not
ffsmark ffsmark Feb 04
                              THE CRAZIEST FRIEND
                              THAT YOU'VE EVER HAD
                              YOU THINK IM PCHYCO
                              YOU THINK IM GONE
                              I'm sorry I'll go