🍢 Diabolik Lovers x Vampire! Reader 🍢[DISCONTINUED]

🍢 Diabolik Lovers x Vampire! Reader 🍢[DISCONTINUED]

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STORY PASSED OVER TO @watchinganime and @PikachuGeeky

Y/N L/N is a vampire. After being sent to live with the Sakamakis, a sacrificial bride shows up. 
Y/N were jealous, she had to admit. All their attention was on her. 
But when a human boy is sent to live with them, she finally took this as a chance to get what she wanted...

I do not own the cover, it's from the official artwork of the game.
Diabolik Lovers x Vampire! Fem! Reader
I don't own Diabolik Lovers
And I'm glad they don't own me lolz

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Savannahmclainyou Savannahmclainyou Dec 16, 2017
Ok so the fact that we both just immediately just admitted we were vampires and I just said 'baka' is kinda throwing me off....
DayDreamingCipher DayDreamingCipher Nov 30, 2016
@Fan_To_The_Max @KiYuni @MisochisticKittenlol that's the point, that was going to be added in the storyline , another mystery to solve but this is discontinued so xD
KiYuni KiYuni Oct 16, 2016
He is vampir show can die from heart attack seems like human disease did they drink animal blood too much or something 😂
KiYuni KiYuni Oct 16, 2016
Vampires don't just die by stabbing in stomach 😂but well whatever
KiYuni KiYuni Oct 16, 2016
You publish this on my birthday 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👀👀👀👀