What Is Love? (Error X Depressed Reader)

What Is Love? (Error X Depressed Reader)

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Just Some Trash By Hello_Little_Ones Updated Sep 04

You were a 17 year old. You lived with your mother. She was a single mother. You had a father but he left you guys broken three months ago.

They thought they had finally had a 'Happy Ending'. 

You thought you would get a 'Happy Ending' like them too. You wanted to stay like that forever. Like a family. But good things come to an end. Don't they?

He left both of you.

Too broken to pick up the pieces.

You cutted to ease the pain but stopped eventually. Everything was getting better until glithed voices were heard. Until he came and ruined everything.....

But he made you happy eventually?
Note: You are a girl :P

I try to update every weekend on Sunday. Or earlier. I have many ideas for this book.

This book has swears. Be warned. And obviously depressing shit.

This is my 4th book and first 'x reader' so sorry if this sucks?

Error belongs to loverofpiggies on Tumblr and any Sans mentioned belong to their creators.


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                              BABY DON'T HURT ME
                              DON'T HURT ME
                              NO MORE
                              I'm not sorry
ausans8080 ausans8080 6 days ago
What is love? baby don't hurt me, baby don't hurt me no more
So with this story Y/N dad was divorced with ur mom when you were 3 months old?? Guess what THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO ;-;
I just wanted to say this for the cover. Love is...
                              Up your ass.