The Wrong Type of Obsession

The Wrong Type of Obsession

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Blu By Blu_Fate Completed

**Warning: This story has incest, sex, graphic language, violence, and same sex relations. If any of the former bothers you, don't read.**

Bailey can handle most anything. He helped raise his two younger brothers since he was ten when his parents got bombarded with work. Even though it is tough managing two teens, his girlfriend, high school, and football, eighteen year old Bailey doesn't want to give up a thing.

The one thing he has problems dealing with?

His unusually gifted younger brother, Tyler, who was always trouble begins to be more than Bailey bargained for. While the world sees Tyler as a perfect genius, Bailey knows his brother's devious nature. The guy has already stolen one girlfriend and is now working his magic on Bailey's new girl. Not to mention, Tyler seems to have an insatiable appetite for the carnal, bringing partners to the house when Bailey's already threatened him. And the trickster has used his keen intellect and charm to persuade others to do his dirty work. But the worst has yet to happen, as Tyler begins to focus his sights on Bailey...

(Part of the Wrong Type series -- a collection of forbidden naughty stories. While each book is loosely connected I wrote them so they don't have to be read in order. Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel.)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and purely for your reading enjoyment. Any similarities to your own experiences is coincidental. I don't recommend trying anything illegal, dangerous, or culturally unexceptionable in this story, but what you do in your private life is your business (just be prepared for the consequences).

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Midnightfury Midnightfury Dec 06, 2017
He giggled?  Awe..  I need an emoji with big watery puppy dog eyes, with how cute this is!!
Midnightfury Midnightfury Dec 06, 2017
And a delicious first book at that! 😋
                              It’s time to fall in love/lust- all over again.......... 🙃
Midnightfury Midnightfury Dec 06, 2017
Ha!   That last line just made me snort, “for all Bailey cared.”!!   If only!  If only!!
Midnightfury Midnightfury Dec 06, 2017
                              The f.... 
                              How can someone be annoying and sexy as he|| ??  I’m so confused... 
hailuoyin16 hailuoyin16 Mar 20
I want to read this book all over again.. 😫😫 i know it's a long shot but can you do another story about Ty and Bay? Please?
nomiomnomnom nomiomnomnom Mar 03, 2017
I keep on imagining Tyler as Tyler Joseph and it is killing me