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Experimental Disaster- Youtuber Fanfiction

Experimental Disaster- Youtuber Fanfiction

52.7K Reads 2.4K Votes 29 Part Story
Tori Rose By XDarkLesterX Completed

Dr.Argasi was once a respected scientist, until his latest serum started killing his test subjects. Now after five years he's ready to make a come back and prove him self.
Dr.Argasi has secretly kidnapped five Youtubers to turn into supernatural creatures to show off and fight.
Dan Howell wasn't meant to be picked, but after he started searching for Phil, since the police couldn't find him, he was picked.
He was going to be the doctors last monster, a monster he had never created before
Now Dan and his league of Youtubers must find a way to escape Dr.Argasi clutches before it's too late 
Somethings happening to Phil.... 
Will they be able to save him and is Dr.Argasi truly who he says he is
Cover by @lionluver12

Ranked 171 in Mystery/ Thriller

Quotes from Previous Readers
"This story is amazing!!! You did a really good job on it and I love our writing style    :3"
"Okay I lied that ending it ended on a very good ending, also love your other stories this one was one of my favorites😄"
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