Guardians 1: Ashes

Guardians 1: Ashes

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This is a new and first book I am making for my own amusement if people start reading this well that is grand. This is a youtuber fanfic so I don't own the characters. Most are famous later there will be smaller youtuber channels. Anyways they all have great and wonderful channels that make me laugh so go ahead and check them out.(During the process I lost inspiration and took it down, but republished it because I thought of some new brilliant ideas)

Inspired by PhoenixGirl1288 creator of The Evil/ The Uprising

Every 100 years new guardians are chose to protect the land. Each are given a gift and with that, powers. Every kingdom has its own guardians. 
On this day the next generation of guardians were chosen for the land of Kalá.


Are chosen to protect the land of Kalá from the trials to come.