Forever in a Day (A Roc Royal Love Story)

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Jamiya Lamar-Cole-Tesfaye By SincerelyBreezy Completed
(Book 1) Ariella Taylor is a 16 year old girl. She is a semi-fan of the teen sensation group Mindless Behavior. Her big break to see them in concert comes when she finds 4 of their sold-out concert tickets. And guess what! The tickets are for floor-seats! Her favorite of the group is Roc Royal. Her best friends are Sierra, Tiana, and Crystal. What happens when Ariella finally meets the boy shes somewhat-crazy for? It isnt easy to fall for a teen celebrity.
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naww dont do that shy blush stuff when he would've walked in have been like daymunnn do u got a bae or nawww boy u tryna date or nawww
its a boy at my school name malik he cute or whatever and he like me his boys does too ugh (;
OMG that name MALIK is in this story ............ why ........ jesus ...........why (my crush)
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Shit this story good asf gotta finish reading tomorrow , yasss I'm glad I found this app now I can read more story's about romantic love and event thing ooooo baby I need some popcorn !
I jus went to mindless behavior concert lastnite and I like roc royal 2 I couldnt take my eyes off him
it was ok. no harm meant. i see the girls like to.match exactly i get it... ehh. it was really Gud writing but i hope things don't just fly out of thin air like them tickets in this story lol. sorry if it seems rude. i couldn't bite my tongue this time. ;-)