Field Trip(Danny Phantom Fanfic)

Field Trip(Danny Phantom Fanfic)

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What happens when you mix teenagers and the ghosts zone.
First chapter is crappy wrote it at 3 in the morning sorry 

Dannys ghost class goes to the ghost zone and Danny is worried that his secret of being phantom and Sams secret of having plant powers will there secret get out 

(He is king of the ghost zone and he is friends 

with every ghost except skulker,Walker,vlad,Dan, tecnis and undergrowth 

Sorry for bad description wild fire is dannys queen btw 
I'll try to get a photo of her


Paulina when ever I'm near you I just want to sing you a song about my feelings towards you
                              (Sings "Die In A Fire by The Living Tombstone)
it was good but could you use " when someone talks, it makes it easier to understand what's happening and more I guess less confusing, it is really good and I don't mean to offend you but I wanted to give you a tip so you can become a better writer
I really liked it. Just some helpful advice, speech marks. I mean no offence and not being rude but "" make things so much easier to read.