The Princess's Slave

The Princess's Slave

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inky // hiatus By inky_black Updated Feb 09, 2017

"Mother, what would happen if someone of royal blood were to fall in love with... A servant?"

 "My dear, the punishment would be death."

 Princess Juliette has always hated slavery. How could somebody strip another person of their human rights, then force them to do things they could easily do themselves? Ever since she was a young girl, she has refused to own a slave of her own.

 Her world is shaken when her father introduces yet another new slave to the family, Emmet. But this slave is different from the others. Juliette quickly finds herself attracted to his quiet ways, his looks, his smile. As she experiences true love for the first time, she is heart broken that she could never be with someone of such low rank.

 Emmet, who has never been fond of the royal family, easily finds something special in Juliette too. She is the first person to ever treat him for what he is, a human. Not to mention the way she's sweet to everybody she meets, her soft voice, and her crystal blue eyes. But of course, a princess would never find love in a slave.

 Will things ever work out for the princess and her slave?

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@inky_black Ah. Lucky you. This is my fall break. I won't have any other days off this semester besides the four days for Thanksgiving. But it's my last year of college so I can't be complaining too much... Because I'll start having to pay back student loans in the summer. Fun times, there. :/
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wolfpanda wolfpanda Oct 07, 2016
Yay for fall breaks, right? I'm one class away from it myself. :) I love the new cover! (And your sense of humor! Your author's notes always make me laugh!)