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Ninjago Roleplay!! (Rp)

Ninjago Roleplay!! (Rp)

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Emma and Riley By Emma_Garmadon101 Updated Feb 26

You can be some of your favorite Ninjago characters and oc's in Ninjago Rp!

Carzeybooknerd Carzeybooknerd 3 days ago
Name: Cora
                              Age: 17
                              Gender: female
                              Species: human
                              Looks: red hair, deep blue eyes, 
                              Personality: sarcastic, smart, kind, quick to anger, can't sing, can write
                              Element: time
                              Weapons: sword
                              Family: dead
                              Crush: Jay
Abby Hernandez
                              Sweet, shy, bookworm, jumpy
                              Purple and white sweater, black jeans, purple and white converse
                              Crush is open
Gravity_Faller_1987 Gravity_Faller_1987 Dec 30, 2016
Name: Sakura Brookestone
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, teal blue tank top, shorts, combat boots.
                              Personality: Caring, rebellious, hot tempered, a little emotional.
                              Element: Earth
                              Ninja gi: Teal blue and silver
                              Family: Cole (older brother)
                              Crush: @DakotaLulamoon (Dakota)
Hot_Candy5678 Hot_Candy5678 Dec 30, 2016
Name: Kattie Lulamoon 
                              Nickname: Kat
                              Looks: She's a Neko so she has White Cat Ears and Tail, Blue eyes, Brown curly hair 
                              Elemental Power: Snow 
                              Personality: Kind, Bossy, Doesn't like being annoyed 
                              Family: @DakotaLulamoon  Sister, Considers the ninja as family, 
                              Ninja gi: magenta
xX_SunSet101_xX xX_SunSet101_xX Oct 09, 2016
Name:  Lara Wolfe 
                              Age: same as everyone else
                              Personality: funny, silly, protective, smart
                              Looks, short blonde hair with green eyes, wears rainbow things a lot
                              Family: skyler: sister 
                              Powers: magic
                              Fears: darkness
ThePurpleNinjaOfDark ThePurpleNinjaOfDark Nov 05, 2016
Name- Hannah Natasha Brookstone
                              Looks- long black hair and purple eyes
                              Species- wolf hybrid
                              Personality- can be cold, somewhat dark, kind, funny
                              Powers- darkness
                              Crush- Lloyd
                              Extra- hates being called freak