Fairy Tail Scenarios

Fairy Tail Scenarios

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This book contains many scenarios for you to choose from! The ones that are currently in the book right now are...

Birthday Scenarios
Age Scenarios
Boyfriend Scenarios
Girlfriend Scenarios
Color Scenarios
What If Scenarios
Zodiac Scenarios

Also, REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! :D Like, if you want a certain scenario quickly, ask! 
I update often! So put this in your library if you don't want to miss an update!
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KimmyGalaxy KimmyGalaxy Apr 11
Why are these all for boyfriend scenarios c〳 ݓ ﹏ ݓ 〵੭
Geeez i wanted erza or jellal o well better be okay with it :)
My name is Jellal. 
                              (I'm pretty sure that's all he would say XD)
Guess im now laxus the asswhole who is scared to show emotion
Boyfriend scenario: Reaction when the reader has a pregnant friend
How about this....Boyfriend scenario: How they'd help you/what theyd do/what they'd think if you destroyed Erza's cake... Because we all know itd be hell unleashed...
                              Its a bit weird I know and general in the three possible options ....