Memories of You

Memories of You

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R. M. By Bender12345 Updated Aug 12, 2017

'War is hell.' - William T. Sherman

Tobias is a young man trying to get out of his father's clutches.  His one chance is to join the war effort, even if it means potentially getting himself killed.  It seems like a good plan, till he meets her.  

Beatrice is a girl who just moved to Chicago, and has fallen for the quiet boy that roams the halls of her school.  She wants to get to know the shy boy with the captivating eyes, but doesn't know all the demons he hides.  

What will happen between these two?  Read to find out.

***** Disclaimer*****
I have tried to stay as true as I could to historical events.  Some things had to be altered for obvious reasons.  Please don't leave comments about how something isn't right, or that never would have happened.  This is fiction after all.  

Most characters belong to Veronica Roth, but the story is mine.

Thank you to @voidtobias who did an amazing job on the cover art.

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TheoJamesOwl TheoJamesOwl Mar 26, 2017
I'm so excited to read this! I love reading things that have historical background.
Suniedaze Suniedaze Aug 22, 2016
Ugh, the only thing that sucks is the waiting for the next chapter! Great first chapter though!!
divergentascendant divergentascendant Sep 08, 2016
Wow! I don't know what else to say! This sounds so realistic like actually!!!
brambu brambu Aug 22, 2016
Once again you reveal your talent and your great ideas...amazing!
littletons littletons Aug 22, 2016
Already love it! Plus, it's historical so a great 100/10 for me!!
                              Can't wait to see (okay, read) the next one!