Player's Trap (Jack Maynard) ✔️ #WATTYS2017

Player's Trap (Jack Maynard) ✔️ #WATTYS2017

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(This story is in the process of being edited!!)

"He breaks hearts, Isabelle.  He does it all the time."  Conor explained.  

"He's a..." I couldn't form the last word.  He looked at me, sympathetic.

"Please." He begged.  "Just, promise me you won't fall into his trap." 


Isabelle Flores meets Jack Maynard, and she instantly feels a connection.  The way he smiles at her, the way he talks to her, everything feels right.  But she learns the truth about him after a warning from his brother, Conor, and after experiencing his player tendencies herself.  

What happens after Jack asks for a second chance? Is his love for her different? Or is she just falling into the player's trap?

Tbh I think most people are like aww Marcus now next. But like Marcus is my second favorite youtuber. I just feel like people pass over him.
If you walk in on anything then just run away screaming and try and bless yourself with holy water
Spelling mistake in the first chapter. Well done. No offence meant by the way!😁(I've seen worse - as in mistake in first word)