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The sounds of footsteps echoed throughout the halls of Belle Reve penitentiary. Suttons ears immediately perked up as she turned her head from looking at the window; this could either mean they were going to take her fangs out again or that it was time for her to eat. The small slot in her cell door slid opened a plate of food. She walked towards the door and to the small opening of the slot where a prison guard was waiting for her.

"How you doing today, you cozy in there?"
The guard asked with mock symapthy.

"Oh baby you have no idea it's kinda lonesome back there, you should really keep me company." Sutton said with a seductive tone.

"Sweetheart I would honestly but the fangs are a turn down. Remind me why are you here again? Oh that right you and your little hunny bunny lex were taken down by supermam and brought here, right?"

Sutton's face twisted in anger and she brought out her fangs and clawed through the food slot."YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT HIM! IF YOU THINK Y...

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