Angels And Demons

Angels And Demons

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Light Queen By Light_Queen_ Completed

"But it was his wings, his huge, furling delicate white wings that told what he really was. An outcast. Born from one of the most powerful demon families, and Nico, was an angel." 

This is a Solangelo fanfic, but it doesn't seem like it! It can also be a stand-alone!

Hello! I was reading something like this a while ago, and got this idea. But, there's a twist. Because, what's a great book without gut-wrenching feels? JK. Sorta. Anyway, I suck at descriptions. I'm sorry.
But check out my other books too! There's another Solangelo. And an incompleted Percabeth. . .  IDK. 
Anyway, ENJOY

RATED M FOR A REASON-Sexual content (that's horrible, because I'm bad at writing it), Swears, and Triggers.

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GhostPrincessBianca GhostPrincessBianca Sep 05, 2016
ONGs i love this story. You're going to make me go apeshit crazy about Solangelo tho
ElisethePhangirl ElisethePhangirl Aug 22, 2016
Light_Queen_ Light_Queen_ Oct 20, 2016
But I'll try for future chapter, this roller-coaster ain't over yet! 😉
                              (What am I doing. . . Help.)
ragingherron ragingherron Oct 20, 2016
Okay so I really like the way you apply all of their thoughts without having pov's and stuff like that. It also is a different plot, but one things is the spaces. It gets hard to read when there is a really long paragraph!
ragingherron ragingherron Oct 20, 2016
@Fall_Out_Girl_16 no no don't change it. It just seem harder to read, but that just may be me. Dont change it. I don't want anything bad to happen to this amazing story!:D