Unreadable - Liam Dunbar {Teen Wolf}

Unreadable - Liam Dunbar {Teen Wolf}

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"You know what? I'm done trying to get close to you. I thought I was the fool for even thinking for a second that we could be something, but it's you. You're unreadable!"

Everyone was giving up on her.


Evelyn Hale, Derek's Hale little sister, had always put up the tough image, the one she got after her brother. Her brother the person that raised her was the only one she trusted and she would do anything for him. Until she realised that it's okay to let in more people in her life, that it's okay to love more than you ever thought you could.

[Teen Wolf - Season 4]
I only own my character Evelyn Hale and her plot.

heyyyy its bellarke.stydia.sterek from insta told u i would read it...im sopo exited!!!😄💕💕💕
omg i'm already in love hahaha (it's @mysticwolves_ from ig) :)