His Powerful Mate

His Powerful Mate

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Blondie Girl By Blonde_Nerdy_Chick Updated Apr 07, 2017

This book a purely a work of fiction any coincidences are accidental. This book does not express any views or opinions of the author and any conflicts with religion is accidental and does not reflect on the author

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Genevieve Storm has been living in the Blood Pack for 12 years. She is not a normal 18 year old werewolf.  She stays out of peoples way and keeps her head down. She takes care of her six year old sister, Joysephine, and keeps out of trouble. Oh I should probably mention that know one in the werewolf community knows that she is a werewolf. She is not a rouge, but was sold to her parents, humans
 She was 6 when they did that. When she was 12 they sent her sister. A year later her adoptive parents died and they were on their own. When they died she just kept her 'gift' her and her sister's little secret. Her sister is also a werewolf, and stays away from other werewolves. They get by day by day, staying hidden. She created a perfume with no sent that disguised that fact that she was a werewolf.

Damion Moon is the Alpha of the Blood Pack. He's the bad boy at his school, has dated, although not slept with, ever girl in the school, looking for his mate. Every girl wants to get in his pants, but he keeps them at bay. He graduated and is now out exploring the world, trying to find his mate. Looking like a God doesn't help though.  He has a little sister, but they are a little separate since he became Alpha.

What happens when these two meet and Damion tips Genevieve' world upside down? Can they make it work or will Genevieve's secret get in the way?

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Freakerina Freakerina Oct 11, 2016
You shouldn't have that. It is easy to predict something will happen.
Freakerina Freakerina Oct 11, 2016
I really hope you are not sighing because you think you look ugly. If you are, I will personally rearrange your face and make it look ugly!
Blonde_Nerdy_Chick Blonde_Nerdy_Chick Nov 20, 2016
People like spoilers. And any way haven't you seen how cliché this is getting? 🙃
Freakerina Freakerina Oct 11, 2016
Once, when I tried working at the school library, I ended up reading every book that caught my eye!