Ask/Dare The Ipliers' and The Septiceyes' (and the Author (Is Slow)

Ask/Dare The Ipliers' and The Septiceyes' (and the Author (Is Slow)

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M.B. By Crazed_Mo Updated Jan 03


Welcome to my own Ask/Dare !! Yeay!!! no....I dout anyone will ever notice this buuuut worth a try ......I guess Well this includes

Mark,Dark,Jack,Anti,Googleplier,Glitchiplier,Lightiplier,Lightsepticeye,Goop *shivers* ,uhh also Host,Jacksepticglitch,Bingsepticeye, Wilfred Warfstache......, also.....EH THERES MORE JUST ASK FOR THEM AND THEY WILL POP IN!! That's all

All-nooooooo that's not!!
Me-what do you mean????? 
All-*point at title* read!
Me-what!? *looks* Ask / Dare the ipliers' and the septiceyes' .........and the .........YOU JERKS WHO MADE THAT!!!!! 
All-*Points at me* 
Me-*growls* FINE!.......

Me- idiots.......Well enjoy! 

Me-help me...

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DJ-The-Toixc765 DJ-The-Toixc765 Mar 13, 2017
I dare auther~chan to make girl versons of the guys so they can be ask/ dare
MadHupo MadHupo Aug 24, 2016
Since i was nice to the author with my dare i'm gonna make her say who her crush is
MadHupo MadHupo Aug 24, 2016
I dare everybody except the author to go run around yelling random things
Rubyh0wll Rubyh0wll Oct 24, 2016
Hello....i just wanted to say hi to all of the ipliers and septics