Just Another High School Love Story - Destiel

Just Another High School Love Story - Destiel

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"We are beginning a new group project today" Mr. Singer says in a voice so that everyone in the class hears him clearly. 

Everyone immediately begins to look around at their friends choosing frantically who they would like to be paired with for the assignment. 

"You will have assigned partners for this project" 

He says as most of the class groans and whines, he begins naming off everyone's pairs and Dean secretly hopes to be paired with a particular raven haired boy in his class, because maybe then he can finally get the nerve to talk to him. Dean wasn't one to be nervous to talk to anyone, he was confident and popular and talked to anyone he wanted to talk to, but ever since the first day of class Dean couldn't get the nerve to talk to him, but that didn't stop him from staring. He feels like he could map out every single feature on the boys face. Suddenly, Dean found himself lost in his eyes that were so blue, and deep, and - 

"Dean and Benny" 

Dean's thoughts were cut off by h...

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Teddy_344 Teddy_344 Mar 07
I know that by “ singer “ u mean bobby ... but my German teacher is also called singer ... god , that is so damn confusing... and kinda scary if I think about it ...
Hmm... Castiel is not a chick, so.. yOU GOOD AND FINE AF CAS, GET THE GAY TO THE BALL.
Well then. It was nacho business to butt in, daily announcements.
L-Ace-L L-Ace-L Mar 09
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly
                              I'm just gonna say
                              That was goddamn kinky
_irrelevant_emo _irrelevant_emo 5 days ago
Just something I thought would make ur writing a lil better: most of the time in books when a character is thinking something you can put it in italics to make it clearer
Charlie is my friend friend, Bryce, who hacked the school's computer's out of boredom and he was caught, so he is lucky he is not going to jail for it. Very lucky, though he did have a suspension.