Stealing "His" Girl (Yuno Gasai x Reader) (Yuri)

Stealing "His" Girl (Yuno Gasai x Reader) (Yuri)

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♕ Sage ♕ By PricklySage Updated Oct 19, 2016

Yuno Gasai.
One of the school's most popular girls. So popular...that a drug lord's son wants to make her his. What happens when y/n comes in and tries to steal her away from him which causes trouble for her and her friends?

Warning: This story contains sexual content, violence, cursing, and futanari.

**There will be characters from various anime/manga**

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RawrRoarRowr RawrRoarRowr May 10, 2017
Yep, and he learnt by coming into her room without knocking and saw..
chocolat1vanilla chocolat1vanilla Dec 18, 2017
If i keep "stealing" all your Girls, then ask yourself a couple of question, sweetheart 😘
kittysoftpawsa kittysoftpawsa Aug 22, 2016
It's really good XD and I haven't seen any erodes so I think your good
-_ComputingFandoms_- -_ComputingFandoms_- Aug 22, 2016
This may sound creepish and Yandere but... I love you Mayu-senpai~!