Abused By Him (AU) - Nouis/Ziall -COMPLETE

Abused By Him (AU) - Nouis/Ziall -COMPLETE

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Louis_Payne_ By Louis_Payne_ Completed

Niall is constantly getting punched, pushed into things and kicked. He is being abused by his boyfriend, Louis... Louis

Niall doesn't count it as abuse. He believes that Louis takes it out on him because he loves him and only wants to protect him. 

Zayn Javadd Malik, a doctor, sees it differently. He sees through everything.

The Lying,

                     The Fake Kiss,


Started: 22 August 2016
Completed: 12 July 2017

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I thought this said beep beep boop 😩 ziall shipper problems
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Yeah okay I'm sorry for punching you in the balls *kicks hard in the balls*