Can You Open This Heart (Osomatsu-San x Reader lemon)

Can You Open This Heart (Osomatsu-San x Reader lemon)

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Miya Akiyama By emimatsu-chan Updated 2 days ago

You are an Angel, and live up in the skyes. As for the devils, they live in hell.

For yeares has the devils, and Angels fighting for love. You are in learning, at the love school. 

But Then, god have Chosen you to safe the "Six Loveres". 

But so are a devil.

What happens when you are send too Earth, to unlock there Hearts. 

Find out for yourself....

A/N "sorry for bad english, i'm not from the US sooo yeah. But anyway, hope you will find this story fun. Yeah it's my first story, sooo yeah. Sit bag, and enjoy this story. Bye!❤️"

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