Alive | Markiplier x Depressed!Reader| PAUSED

Alive | Markiplier x Depressed!Reader| PAUSED

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Sketchie By _Sketchie_ Updated Jan 08

You were kicked out of home by your dad. Your mom had died previously before, and your dad was sent to jail for child abuse. You, however, was forgotten. Not even the police would bother finding you.

When you were saved by Mark and Jack, you were eternally grateful. But suddenly, things began going downhill. A so called demon, known almost as a poltergeist, was trying to hurt you. Mark had found out about your self harm addiction and Jack had hurt you whilst he was drunk. 

Your first priority was the demon. Why was it here and where did it come from? Most importantly, how do you get rid of it before it kills your new friends and you yourself?! The answers were so close but so far.


Feel free to read this and then check out my newest story! It has the exact same title and stuff except it's in a different writing format.

Paranormal__Cupcake Paranormal__Cupcake Sep 19, 2016
lol i love this! ur a amazing writer! (i dont mean love it as in like in a mean way)
CringePrincess CringePrincess Nov 14, 2016
*Intense inhale* BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW! Sorry, I just had to. I hate yellow, though. xD
Raven_DarkNight Raven_DarkNight Nov 27, 2016
Can I keep all black with just lighter black like a jet and a midnight(yes there are different shades of black)
Byeoli_ Byeoli_ Oct 17, 2016
I know its the incorrect spelling but i read that as fishback 😂😂