Realizing Reality ~{Slash(boyxboy}~

13 Part Story 11.2K Reads 159 Votes
VaderX By VaderX Completed
Kyle Summers is starting fresh. Having stowed away from an abusive father him and his mother settle down in the East Coast. His new town even smells like a fresh start but that changes when he meets the Brian twins. Alison and Alistar Brian are the town’s most exceptional teenagers but when Kyle hits it off with Alison at work he soon realizes that it might be history all over again. As a homophobe Kyle faces problems when Alison immediately rejects him upon finding out. Confused Kyle seeks out answers and finds that her twin is in fact gay. Judging Alistar right away Kyle starts his  hatred but soon finds himself involuntarily wanting one of the Brian twins...only it’s not the twin he thought it would be.
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