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Prisoner (Karma x Reader)

Prisoner (Karma x Reader)

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Trin By KarmaAkababe Updated Oct 22, 2016

You are the child of a very important family, with a very large amount of money. Imagine the allowance you get, ey? Everything is fun and games until one day you're taken hostage.

Galxx-Crimm Galxx-Crimm Jan 17
i mean there's this reader who listens and then there's this part of me that would've screamed louder than a shounen protagonist powering up just to mess with him.
                              id probably die in this scenario lol
FLRockgirl817 FLRockgirl817 Dec 27, 2016
I'm freaking violent has crap!!!! 
                              *gets opening* Kicks then in the balls. 
                              *opens up neck* Ha I'm just going to hug your neck! Very Tightly...! 
                              *Weapon is open to take* I'm going to stab/shoot a bish tonight
No of courses not I want to have a tea party with my good friend Mr Flour!
                              OF FLIPPING COURSE I DO KARMA!!!!
FLRockgirl817 FLRockgirl817 Dec 27, 2016
Are we gonna be like that vocaloid song where she locked up but she loves her "master" and they have "fun" a lot but she his prisoner.
smolucy smolucy Jan 14
omg is it bad i actually spit on my phone while reading this
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Dec 29, 2016
😂me when I see figures following me. 
                              I'm serious, I see figures following me, usually when I walk the dog, so I like to pretend it's Slenderman and start yelling Creepypasta jokes 😂