Plus Size

Plus Size

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A_Ayannaaa By A_Ayannaaa Updated Feb 20, 2015

“ You know what Katrell , Go !" Bianca screamed

“ It's not what it seems." Katrell exclaimed

 “ I know why you dont want to date my , Im ugly I know." Bianca says as a tear slid down here face

“ You are not ugly , in my eyes your perfect!" He says as he cupped her face in his hands

“ Then why were you with her ? " Bianca questioned

 Then there was silence ...........

  • sorryforthewait
Why is this story called plus love but the girl on the cover is a stick
AWate2 AWate2 Apr 14, 2016
That's great and all but wasn't she supposed to be the shy girl who has no friends and stuff? Where dis this come from?!
AWate2 AWate2 Apr 14, 2016
Hold my hoops ______Cue the music, It's Going Down For Real -do do do do do do
Seeeh07 Seeeh07 Sep 09, 2015
Oh hell naaaw jump on er again girl, Dont take bullssht like dat from no one!!
layla901 layla901 Jan 20, 2015
I'm so glad that she has a decent relationship with her Dad. Cuz other books make it so that the Dad is abusive. like no my mom passed and my Dad is still as nice ass when was in the past
silkcity silkcity Oct 27, 2014
Lol I just thought this: he drops his mouth onto the table "OOPSIES!" xD