Infidelity. (Harry Styles Dirty One Shot Series)

Infidelity. (Harry Styles Dirty One Shot Series)

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      In a parallel universe; Harry Styles (22) is a successful business man, he's young but he's made it on his own. He is married to an also successful model called Mia (21). When there's a job to work at the Styles Mansion as a Housekeeper/Maid, Y/N (16) who is trying to afford to help her Ill Mom's health care takes on the job.  Y/N soon realises how Harry is, he isn't the perfect husband and he's definitely not faithful to his wife. He's intimidating, Attractive, and Extremely Rich...All three things  he has going for him. You're infatuated, but you know it's just a crush. He is a man and you're just a little girl, but maybe he likes that...Maybe you can work for him in different ways.
[Infidelity 2] 
       [7 Months Later] -  You, (17) are not that innocent little girl anymore, you had your Mom and really that was all you needed, some might call you a business woman.  After finding out the debt your Mom was in you were in serious trouble, you knew there was someone you could always turn to, Harry (23). The man you never expected to see again was possibly your only hope.  ~ With Harry's life looking back on track with Mia (22) and his newborn baby son, will he be able to resist his feelings and stay a faithful husband? Things are all about to change...

[Infidelity 3]
        Things are looking positive for YN (18) and Harry (23). After getting married and settling down all whilst becomming a family, you both were in complete love. Things begin on their honey moon but with a new marriage comes rocks along the way, will certain things bring the newly weds closer? With a tough past for both Y/N and Harry, things might be harder than they seem...

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