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She sat on a chair in the garden right in front of the airport. She stared at the night supporters, faking a smile. She didn't knew why was she being so restless. The contract has only 20 days from now to end, she was happy indeed but these 20 days were more like 20 ages. Unknown to her was a feeling, a gut feeling of his presence somewhere around.  Little did she knew the person sitting behind her was the one she was waiting for so eagerly. 

He could feel her presence too. 
But little did he knew, the hair that just irritatted his eyes, belong to her.


22 years old Madeeha Khan daughter of Rehan Khan and Hena Khan was forced to marry a stranger Ruman Khan.

Marriage in eyes of Madeeha was something she was to devote to but still she wanted just one chance to prove herself and luckily so did Ruman.

Even after their marriage they wanted to give each other a chance and so they signed an agreement to live separately for 2 years and fulfill there dreams. But eventually they even being sperated fell for each other. Wanna know how read on!!

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