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Loved By All ~Completed~

Loved By All ~Completed~

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Call Me Purple <3 By PurpleRainTail Completed

"Where am I?" You asked yourself as you sat up from the futon, the room you were in was pitch black. "You are in the Mikage Shrine." A voice told you. "Has the girl finally awoken?" Another voice asked. "Yes Mizuki, inform Nanami for me." The voice told. "Sure thing Tomoe." You assume Mizuki replied. "What is your name girl?" The other guy named Tomoe asked. "My"

     You're homeless, while you walked around with a starving stomach your body couldn't take it anymore and you passed out. Nanami and Tomoe happen to be walking around your area and Nanami sees you while you're unconscious. She and Tomoe end up taking you to the Mikage Shrine so you can live with them and doing so you meet the group. During your stay Mizuki, Kurama, and Tomoe fall in love with you. Who will you choose? 

><I don't own Kamisama Kiss or its characters><

BTW-In this fanfiction, I changed a couple things from the actual anime so please don't comment things like "That wasn't in the anime...", I know that. This is my version and I hope you all enjoy. <3

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