Salty Raindrops [S/MB]

Salty Raindrops [S/MB]

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iAkira By aph-mom Updated Nov 24

just a spoiled brat screaming at the world because she wants to be a meme.



+ illegal memes

× me trying to be funny
(and failing miserably bc
my sense of humor sucks)

+ shitty book covers

× rants about life because
 i am a salty ass teenager
 who should just die

+ really lame convos

× basically random shit

Enjoy this shit while you still can

AmayaChann AmayaChann Aug 21
I thought I was going on a feels trip when I saw the cover and the title, but I was so wrong. (>▽<。)
Question: what app / website did you use to make the photo cover? *whips out pencil & paper*